the artiste soliloquy

monologues of the creative mind

I went to a Sara Bareilles concert yesterday night…she was like 4 feet in front of me. MY LIFE IS COMPLETE.

I really wish I could just go somewhere without having to worry about anything or anyone. Just having time for myself, to be free.

what did I do to deserve this? Am I such a bad person that I need to be treated this way? I don’t get it, I can’t take this anymore. 

and now everyone’s home…yelling at me for wanting to spend time with my friends. Jesus Christ, I can never win.

I’m finally home alone. There’s no one yelling at me for stupid, little reasons. No one around, just me, myself and I. I loooooveeeee it :D

I love him so very much

Here sucks.

I really just want to move out of my house. It’s all filled with fucking depression and anger. I can’t take it anymore. I need to breathe, it’s like I’m suffocating here. All I ask is just some time to get away, to have positive surroundings for once in my god damn life. Ugh, someone please get me away from here. PLEASE.